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We invite you to Central Asia!

What is Central Asia? Is it safe? Is there anything attractive for travelers? What does "Stan" mean? What are the landscapes over there? How do the people look like? How is food in Central Asian countries?

These kind of questions come to your mind when you think of traveling to KyrgyzstanKazakhstanTajikistanTurkmenistan or Uzbekistan. The names of highlights are not familiar at all, you just try to find out a trustful source of information and get acquainted with them a little bit. 


At this moment we would like to interrupt your doubts. Each of listed Central Asian tour destinations has plenty of treasures. You have a chance to explore them by taking a car for rent and experiencing the most adventurous tour in your life! 

The nature of Kyrgyzstan is truly unimaginable beautiful! Travelling here for the first time you will be impressed by the virgin landscape and fresh air. You can talk about this amazing country for a long time, but it is better to see everything with your own eyes. The uniqueness of Kyrgyzstan is diverse from all four wings!

The mountains are the main heritage of the county!  Many people call Kyrgyzstan the second Switzerland because of the similarities in the nature of the Swiss Alps and the Kyrgyz mountains.

Every traveller dreams to see the majestic nature of Kyrgyzstan as the picturesque alpine lakes, turbulent mountain rivers, waterfalls, magnificent cliffs, healing springs and other treasures.

Open the rich hospitality and nomadic lifestyle by exploring one of the best countries of Central Asia. Get unlimited enjoyment by walking through paved roads and mountainous gorges!  

There are a lot of ancient sites and highlights which attract travellers from around the world. You will not find oceans and seas there, but here is the Issyk-Kul lake which is the second largest alpine lake in the world and called the pearl of Central Asia!

In every corner of the country you will be charmed by magnificent places of the breathtaking panoramic views and get impression of the pristine landscape! You can take a car for rent in Kyrgyzstan and travel to TajikistanKazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We have many kinds of cars for rent without driver and with a driver. If you want to have a private tour - our manager will be happy to make the best possible one. All tours we make individually that are based on your wishes. 

Silk Road Tours 

During the travel, be prepared for the fact that you will see a huge number of various attractions that will not leave you indifferent. We are always happy to help you organize a tour based on your preferences. Since tours in Central Asia are able to show the beauty of nature which all countries are proud of. While travel you will notice that each country is unique and has something that is not found in any other.

During the tour you can see what each country is known for. Kyrgyzstan is a small country with amazing nature in which almost everything can be done. Kazakstan, on the other hand, is a country of contrasts; modernity is perfectly combined with ancient monuments. The country that will amaze you with its bright colors and rich history is Uzbekistan. Tajikistan is a great option for those who love hiking in the vast mountains. And finally, the most mysterious country that attracts all of which everyone has heard it here, you can see the Gate to Hell, known to the whole world - Turkmenistan.