We invite you to visit Kyrgyzstan!

In Kyrgyzstan, you will experience a rich and ancient nomadic cultural heritage in the countryside, blending with all the high-tech amenities of modern society in our capital city of Bishkek. You will encounter an awesome landscape, which varies from the spectacular Tian Shan mountain peaks and mysterious mountain lakes. All showcase the heritage and culture of a Kyrgyz nation. But perhaps our greatest attraction is the spirit of our nomadic people.

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The “Unforgettable tours” company has its own transport fleet, and a very highly qualified and dedicated staff.  Our programs are designed to offer a range of travel experiences as fascinating and varied as Kyrgyzstan’s culture and landscapes.

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Kyrgyzstan is another world - the world of NOMADS! They have completely another mentality and traditions and that is why they attract so many tourists and travelers every year. Kyrgyz people lived in mountains for more than 2 000 years and they got their own way of life.

We want to let you know more about them. Find out the most incredible facts about nomads in Kyrgyzstan:

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Our mission is to be the best travel companion for visitors seeking adventures in nature, and an experience of lifestyle and culture of Kyrgyz. Our commitment is to provide superior quality and personalized services to every guest, and the highest satisfaction to our partners, employees and stakeholders.

“Unforgettable tours” Co., Ltd
“Unforgettable tours” Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest growing companies in travel industry of Kyrgyzstan. The company is lead by some of the most experienced travel professionals of Kyrgyzstan and employs a team of highly qualified staff with a thorough knowledge of the country and caring attitude to our customers.

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“Unforgettable tours” is your ultimate companion in Kyrgyzstan. Our company is specialized in cultural discovery tours and nature based adventurous expeditions. The creative team of “Unforgettable tours” has been constantly developing wonderful new expeditions to the least traveled destinations of Kyrgyzstan. With its adventurous and learning-driven guests, “Unforgettable tours” has pioneered into exploring the unknown places of Kyrgyzstan. Except from exploring new regions, we always enrich our existing tour programs by adding various cultural experiences.  

“Unforgettable tours” delivers the best quality services at any of its tours through its careful organization and caring staff. We pay attention to every single detail of tours. “Unforgettable tours” boasts a record number of repeat customers. In 2010, more than 20 customers who had visited Kyrgyzstan with our company before – came back to explore other parts of the country again. Exceeding the expectations of our clients is not only the policy of our company and it is simply our 'way of life'.


Let us to wish you a pleasant time, and hope to see you in Kyrgyzstan soon! 


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