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About us

Our team gladly invites to travel in Kyrgyzstan!

Routes in Kyrgyzstan are organized the way for all to feel the nomadic history of the Kyrgyz people. Our team is happy to show the paths along which ancient tribes were going. Mainly the trips comprise the nomadic essence and the modern life of the city. As being here all the guests will be given opportunities of witnessing pristine natural landscapes, emerald-green pastures and meadows, animals wandering about its territories. The Tien Shan Mountains are the home of most of lakes and rivers of the country, served by nomads living there.

Our managers have prepared a good amount of available trip programs which show the true essence of the nomadic tribes - earlier organized journey, customized one, booking and hotels availability.

The main aim of our company is to provide the best service according to wishes of the guests. We take in account transport conditions as well. The peculiar thing of ours is highly-qualified staff, managers and other members of the company who are always glad to provide the best options according to opportunities of all. The trip programs are created the way to show various sites of Kyrgyzstan, all of the landscapes and of course to immerse in culture and natural scenes.

In case our dearest wanderers just have a desire to visit the country and travel along the picturesque sites of it, going on a tour to see historical places, we are ready to organize such a route! Our goal is to make all pleased and satisfied with their route, as the most important from a trip is the existence of long-serving memories and never disappearing expectations.

Guests who go on an expedition with our company can choose various options for their outing - this is going to be the group trip, with different people from all over the world or people not knowing each other from the one country; at the same time it can be a way on your own, with your family. In both cases guides are professionals with a good amount of skills and knowledge of the history and geography of the country.

An interesting fact is seen in the idea of completely other point of view and mentality of the Kyrgyz people in comparison with other nationalities. They are still nomads in the hearts. People here try to keep to traditions of the past, for the aim not to forget. Travel in the country of nomads bearing the history of 2000 years old and the way of thinking will be understood.   

"Travel Experts" is ready to fulfill your plans and make your tour in Kyrgyzstan unforgettable!