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Coinage deals

Travelers who come in Kyrgyzstan on a tour and rent a car do their homework on the country before going, paying specific attention to the currency. The vacationers on a tour just had one question: how much money should they spend? In Kyrgyzstan, there are car rent trips available, with passengers paying in dollars and shares. Money can be exchanged in the country's banks. In most places, the principal currency is som, and no other currencies are permitted.

It's worth noting that the interest rates at Bishkek's banks vary. It is, nevertheless, unquestionably superior than the country's rural areas or bazaars. Travelers must exchange money in order to visit this location, and banks are open until 5 p.m., with money exchange offices operating almost 24 hours a day. During the tour, you will need your passport to convert money. Although Visa and Mastercard credit cards are frequently accepted, they are not universally accepted. Kyrgyzstan operates on a cash economy.


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