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Horse games and other

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you can see that the country still remembers and resembles the times of nomads when horse games and other national games were of great popularity. During tours in Kyrgyzstan travelers making their tours on cars for rent usually notice that all games of the country are connected with horses and the ability to ride a horse. So, we have decided to point out main games played by people of those times.

One of the first games you should pay your attention to when you start to travel in rent a car Kyrgyzstan is kok-boru - it is based on two teams of eight people making all their efforts to throw the dead goat to the goals of their opponent. In this game which may be witnessed during tours in Kyrgyzstan we can see the need to be of great endurance, to be able to ride a horse. And of course the horse must be strong and fearless. The other game we would like to notice is Erenish - it is based on the necessity to get riders from their horses. The game Kyz-Kuumai you can watch travelling in Kyrgyzstan during your tours - so called of a wedding custom. In this case the bride is given the stronger horse with more time to start riding it. The groom must catch her and after that he is able to kiss and marry her. The game alysh is based on wrestling rules of Greko-Roman wrestling.