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As for introduction of the country where you have an opportunity to travel on rent a car Bishkek and we are glad to say that Kyrgyzstan is the mountain country. You are free to start a tour in the very mountains of Tien Shan and it is possible to make a witness of pristine nature. In this case we would like to warn you that it is prohibited to pollute in the country and at the same time it is prohibited to hurt animals. When you started to travel in Kyrgyzstan you are recommended to make a visit of Issyk Kul lake in the summer and ski resort in Karakol in the winter. All along we would like to inform you that during tours in Kyrgyzstan car rent you will meet real nomads making their ordinary actions as they live like in the past. People are very hospitable and are always glad to help with any complication happening. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you can get acquainted with the idea of how to communicate with the horse. Local dwellers always are ready to help tourists when they have difficulties in the course of their tours. So, we would like to tell you that for us it is a first-hand necessity for you to travel in Kyrgyzstan with pleasure.