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Khan Tengri of Kyrgyzstan

Having the tour in Kyrgyzstan, learn more about Khan Tengri Peak, which is 6995m above sea level. The ice and snow on the top make the mountain about 7010m above sea level. Everyone can travel in Kyrgyzstan on the tour and rent a car.

The mountain is named "Prince of Spirits" or "Ruler of the Sky". The peak had some names during distinctive times, as the scientist made an assembly in the depiction of the peak, when frustrated it with the peak Pobeda. The first name is conceived to be Kan Tau (Blood Mountain) possibly because of blood of vaulters passed on there or red sunset.

Kyrgyzstan car rent on tours will help with facts that in 1931 the team from Ukraine was the first one to ascent the peak. Over the period of the Soviet Union people were not given the admittance to come to the mountain in Kyrgyzstan. There are no bounds of coming nowadays. Rent a car and drive to the Enilchek Glacier and Merzbacher lakes sideways with astounding valleys and rivers, the gorges of fascinating views on the tours.