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Kyrgyz Felt show

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is possible to make a notice of an interesting activity - felt show. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan rented cars we would like you to pay your attention to the fact that almost everything in Kyrgyzstan is made of animal fur or skin. That is why the process of production of different clothes has started long time ago. When you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan you will see that people in the country used to create things of felt and chiy. The latter is the plant out of which it is possible to decorate yurts. And mainly tours in Kyrgyzstan are based on making tourists know more about felt production of clothes like chapan and ak-kalpak, toys. And being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan you can make a witness of the performance. We are glad to notice also the idea of the creation of carpets - shyrdak. These carpets may serve for more than 40 years decorated with various lines and ornaments. We advise you to travel on the car for rent to Bokonbaevo and Kochkor villages in the course of tours and take an active part in felt show or just make a witness of it.