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Kyrgyz Issyk Kul lake

Issyk Kul lake is the main and the most visited place by all who travel in Kyrgyzstan and have a desire to make a witness of interesting sites. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you can surely find something breath-catching as we have prepared an interesting tour program on cars rent Bishkek for you. The lake never freezes and the name is translated as the "hot lake". It happens due to the high percent of salt in the water. When you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan we recommend to make a visit of the lake as it is located in the very heart of mountains and shows us pristine and stunning beauty of the nature.

The lake is connected with the legend of its emergence. It is said that there was the city. It is true as during your tours you can start diving and at the bottom you can see ruins. But the earthquake came and the city was taken to ash with the crack that was filled with tears of girls who were out of the city.  The lake is the home for about 60kinds of fish. Travelling on a car for rent to the lake and having rest on the shore of the lake you can notice that it is possible to buy corn and any fish.