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Kyrgyz Language

When you start to travel in any country on rent cars Kyrgyzstan you surely notice that people speak different languages and Kyrgyzstan is not the exception. Making a tour and getting travel experience it is possible to notice that there are two languages the people of the country speak. Here we would like to immerse in the history of the country concerning languages and see ourselves the nature of every language of Kyrgyzstan where you are going to travel. So, the language of state and government is Kyrgyz. First it is of the Turkic family of languages and originally was of the Orhon-Yenisey script (Turkic Runic script) and then of Arabic script. In the course of a tour you will find out that in 1927 the situation changed with the Soviet Union coming to power with the Latin alphabet. And certain time later the country had adopted the Cyrillic alphabet for the Kyrgyz language and they added some new letters. During your tour travelled in Kyrgyzstan you can notice that the Kyrgyz language is different according to the region and the valley of the country - the northern of the Chui valley and the southern of the Fergana valley.

The other language spoken in Kyrgyzstan is Russian. During your tour on rent car trip you will see that it is the language of intercultural communication and seems to be the one on which the majority of the population speaks. Also it is the language of trade and economy.