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Kyrgyz Mountain ranges

If you would like to visit mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan, it is necessary to take a car rent in your tours.

In our country we can count 88 ranges. There are connected and separated ones. You have already known the Tien Shan Range. Then it goes to  Chon Alai mountain range which is located at the south part of Kyrgyzstan and connects to Pamir system. Also you observe ranges as Kakshaal of 582 km, Kyrgyz range of 453 km, Zaalaisky 250 km, Chatkal 225 km etc.

Issyk-Kul region is located in the north-east of the country. It borders Kazakhstan to the northeast, China to the southeast, Naryn Oblast to the southwest, and Chui Oblast to the northwest. Take a car rent in tours to experience this beautiful region of Kyrgyzstan.

Within the border of the Chui region is the famous lake Issyk-Kul (one of the largest mountain lakes in the world), which does not freeze even in the most severe winters. On both sides of the lake is surrounded by mountain ranges: Terskey Ala-Too on the south side and Kyungey Ala-Too on the north side. The Terskey Ala-Too ridge is popular with tourists and is famous for its trekking tours.