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Kyrgyz Political situation

Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country located in the very heart of king mountains with an interesting political situation.  When people start to travel in Kyrgyzstan they are given some wrong notions of the political situation of the country. Yes, we admit that there were complicating years in the history of the country when it was dangerous to start any tours on rent cars the investigation of the country. These were the times of political violence, deaths and murders. During 2005 and 2010 the population suffered from these conflicts and murders and the people asked the government and presidents to resign. That is why it was not recommended to travel in Kyrgyzstan.

Now you can be convinced that the situation is pleasant and nice in the country and for us it is a great pleasure to organize a tour cars rent in Kyrgyzstan to be spent with great and overwhelming emotions received. We would like to warn you that you need to decide which tour you are going to start and contact our personnel. They are always glad to answer all questions you have concerning tours to be travelled in Kyrgyzstan.