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Kyrgyzstan Mountains

Acquaintance with the mountains in Kyrgyzstan is the main goal of the travelers with rent the cars service around the country. Bishkek car for rent is necessary to move around the mountains, since the country is mainly composed of mountain ranges. Mountain ranges consisting of peaks, gorges and valleys create a wonderful picture of nature than it is impossible not to be inspired by traveling around Kyrgyzstan with rent the cars service.

There are a lot of mountainous territories in the country; the mountains in Kyrgyzstan differ from each other by a height of about 94% they are at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level and 71% - above 2000 m.

Kyrgyz Mountains, Kyrgyzstam tours. 

During the tour, travelers will be able to rent the cars and see the largest mountain range in all of Central Asia, in other words, the mountains of the famous Tien Shan. Tourists find Kyrgyzstan an excellent place for the tour in terms of exploring the Tien Shan Mountains, since about 2/3 of the Tien Shan mountain range is located in our country. Mountains in Kyrgyzstan are found as divided into North, West, East, Central and Inner ridges. During the tour with Bishkek car for rent service, you will learn that there are also glaciers on the territory of the mountains in Kyrgyzstan. The most famous Enilchek glacier is one of the highest, with its peaks about 7000 meters high - Pobeda and Khan Tengri. You can also find in the country about 23 peaks above 6000 m.