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Lenin Top

There are a lot of peaks all over the world as well as in Kyrgyzstan. It is possible to travel here and make sure the country to be surrounded by mountains from the sides. One of the famous peaks to be known during the tour is Lenin peak. Those who take a car for rent can get to the roots of the peak with a height about 7134 m.

The peak is one of the 7000m ones, which is always tried to be vaulted. In the past it was necessary to get special allowance for reaching the top. For now it is better to be professional taking a tour right at the top of the peak.

In our company you will find a good amount of travel means, filled with amazing views. Peak can be dangerous looking from the side of vaulting it as there have been a lot of unsuccessful tries. We are always glad to make a route unforgettable in Kyrgyzstan, so try to meet all of desires of our guests. 

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