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Manas complex the ancient living world

Our guests on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to enjoy fascinating sights, explore nature and also visit significant sites such as the Manas complex, which is located 22 km from Talas in Tash-Aryk. Guests of Kyrgyzstan also have a chance to explore that rich Kyrgyzstan will show you only the most beautiful landscapes in rented cars.

Our guests of Kyrgyzstan during the tours will find out that the complex has another name as "Manas-Ordo", which you can explore and the total area of the complex is 2.25 km2. Guests have the opportunity to rent a car and also enjoy the territory of the complex to find out that it was planted in honor of the transgender hero of Manas. Tourists of our company will see the complex and learn that it was put in honor of other heroes of the country, too.

The company's customers have a chance to enjoy interesting views of the complex and also learn that it was established in 1334. And according to another legend, it was the burial place of the Emir's daughter Abuki. And people wanted to protect the complex and also because of this, stone warriors-balbals were installed here. Rent a car for tours in Kyrgyzstan and go on an interesting trip.