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Manas locality

Having an idea to travel in Kyrgyzstan means the visiting of the main sites of great historical meaning, like Manas complex. Our country is seen as one of the richest ones from the point of view of historical destinations, and in the course of the tour you are going to see them with your own eyes. That is why, having reached the country, after small rest the road of 22km from Talas is covered for visiting the complex, and the locality of Tash-Aryk.

For the guests of the country, having the route on cars rented, we get to "Manas-Ordo", or the area of 2.25 km2. It means the opportunity to have a ride along this area on renting car, for viewing the complex created for the bury destination and honor of hero Manas. At the same time there is the gumbez Manas and other heroes of the country.

Many people of the locals as well of the foreigners have a thought of the country and this destination being created in 1334. There are many legends and one of them tells us of the daughter the emir Abuka being buried here. That is why for the protection of the complex and all around stone creations balbals were placed here. So your tour in Kyrgyzstan is surely going to be fascinating one and there are many sites to be taken for travel experience.


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