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Exploring a new country means a unique history, culture, and territory. We offer you an excellent overview of the country, which you should read before you start your trip. Such tours are usually conducted by various travel companies. Before starting the tours, you can learn the nuances and details of their work.

Such agencies have already existed for a long time and their work is very important. They will be able to advise you on how to make tours, how to leave the country or how to enter it, as well as on the schedule.

Our company treats every guest of our country with hospitality, with love for the Motherland and for the entire universe. Our company has an excellent selection of different cars that we provide to tourists for rent. Our team will be able to organize incredibly interesting tours around the country, which in turn will differ in details, in terms of difficulties and, of course, attractions that will be visited.

In tours, tourists like all-wheel drive cars. Tourists have a unique opportunity to see the most remote regions, magnificent sights, enjoy the views of the mountain scenery and ride through the mountain passes. The easiest way to rent a car on a tour of Kyrgyzstan as a jeep, as the quality of roads in the mountains is not very good; often the roads are gravel and muddy.

The country has 93% of the territory of the mountain. For this reason, in Kyrgyzstan, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as Hiking, trekking, or horse riding, do not miss the opportunity to experience extreme and adrenaline rafting on mountain rivers. Of course, in the tours you will be able to meet local residents, nomads, who will be able to tell you and show you their lifestyle in the mountains. Our car rent service will allow guests to explore the country's mountains and natural beauty, immerse themselves in the hospitality of the local population and experience the customs and traditions. In tours, nights can be spent either in yurts or in guest houses. In yurts, guests can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of local residents, and in guest houses, all amenities are provided. If the nights are spent in yurts, there will be dinner. On tours, toilets will often be located outside and are rarely found together with showers. With our company, your tours will be full of comfort and exciting attractions.