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In Kyrgyzstan, rituals have a significant role in society. For our part, we'll tell our guests to expect a memorable tour, thanks to our team's usage of the best car rent.

As a rule, travelers to Kyrgyzstan rent a car and meet the people to learn about the state's traditions and practices. As far back as the Turkic tribes, rituals have their roots. Due to the Kyrgyz's nomadism, their ceremonies mirrored this.

When you rent a car in Kyrgyzstan with us, we'll be delighted to tell you about Kyrgyz customs during childbirth. The first day is known as suiunchu, or the period of excitedly announcing good news to parents while they wait for gifts from their children. Follows the custom of giving the parents money when they visit their son or daughter, which is called korunduk. As opposed to Beishik toi, which commemorates the birth of a child, A large throng comes to prepare wonderful traditional meals and burn archa at this time of year. Tushoo kesuu refers to the first steps that a baby makes. As a result of this, close family and friends are asked to bind the baby's legs together, and the ropes are loosened when other older youngsters approach him in the challenge.

On a car rent tour, with or without a driver, you could see a wedding. Modern culture places a high value on wedding and engagement rituals. To invite as many people as possible, even if it costs a lot of money, is today's major goal. A former ceremonial practice called ala kachuu was used to create the ancient rituals. Occasionally, an unknown person would kidnap the bride. An abducted bride must stay at the groom's residence. Also, the word "commitment" (nike kyiuu) is used. This document is regarded as a marriage license in Muslim culture. To say goodbye, the bride's friends and family gather for Kyz uzatuu. An elegant wedding reception follows, complete with toasts and guests. So, these are the most prominent rituals in Kyrgyzstan that travelers may witness if they rent a car for a tour there. 

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