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Several lakes of Kyrgyzstan

Lakes are veins of the country and during tours in our country it is possible to make a visit of the most famous ones along with it they are the most beautiful ones. In the course of travelling on rented cars in Kyrgyzstan you will find out that there are about 2000 lakes most of them located at the altitudes of 2500 and 4000 m above sea level.

For you to know more before starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan we recommend to get the following information about lakes to which you can travel:

Issyk Kul - is the main lake of the country. It reveals us a pristine beauty and interesting history. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will surely visit the lake. It is located at the altitude of 1600m above sea level. The lake is connected with the legend and during tours in Kyrgyzstan you will listen to these legends and myths of the country. But one legend we would like you to know before you start to travel in our country. As the legend says the ancient city the ruins of which are found at the bottom of the lake used to be the place where there was an active life of the people. But suddenly an earthquake happened and the city was taken under the ground. The girls who were out of the city were crying so bitterly that they filled the crack.

Son Kul - is the lake located at the altitude of 3016m above sea level. It seems to be the one which attracts tourists who travel in Kyrgyzstan by an interesting high altitude location. It is possible to travel to this lake from June to September as during other periods of the year it is covered with thick snow as it is located in the very mountains, at heights.

The Merzbacher lakes seem to be interesting to be travelled on cars rent along as they appear and disappear every summer. So that nobody can explain the reason of this thing. Also, there is an inetersting natural creation known as Sary Chelek. It is a flooded valley which is filled with water. But you can't travel to this place as it is a prohibited area.