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Several Rivers of Kyrgyzstan

Rivers are the important part of the planet and due to the mountain location Kyrgyzstan renting car trips shows us a great amount of rivers which may be seen in the course of tours. First we would like to notice that there are 40 000 rivers in the country where you are going to travel and these rivers comprise about 47 km3 in a year. 

Rivers of Kyrgyzstan are the ones which may be witnessed during tours in the country along different places and sites as they are everywhere. While travelling in Kyrgyzstan you can see the river Naryn which is created out of Big and Little Naryn rivers. It is estimated to be 535km and takes waters of At Bashi and Kekemeren, then flows to the Toktogul Reservoir and in the very end flows to the Aral Sea.

For now one of the greatest problems which you can find out travelling for cars rent in Kyrgyzstan which is seen in the drying of waters. As for example the Aral Sea is dried up by the hydroelectric power generation as the river is the main friction of Uzbekistan.

The Talas is an interesting place for visiting during tours in Kyrgyzstan as it is of interesting history. In 751 the river witnessed the sufferings of the Chinese people which led to the revealing of secrets of creation of paper and silk. The Chui in the North borders the Kyrgyz Range and goes to the Boom gorge. While travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is possible to see this river and find out that it is going to Kazakhstan then.

The Sary Jaz is the river going from the Khan Tengri and borders the Chinese part of the territory. For people to travel conveniently it was suggested to build the bridge but this idea failed.

The Chatkal is the river of 120km being located in the Tien Shan Mountains and seems to be the remote valley filled with water. In the course of a tour you will be able to make a witness of the range which borders the river. Long time ago it was possible to organize tours in Kyrgyzstan and make the people to travel from one country to the other. Now it is impossible due to severe visa regime.