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Traditional clothes in Kyrgyzstan

A life is a moment to make you to travel in Kyrgyzstan and see beautiful traditional clothes. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will see main parts of Kyrgyz outfits which related to the social status, marital status and age of the person as well as horse riding and others.

When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will get acquainted with men's outfit consisting of pants made of tanned leather or suede such as "jarq shym", "kandagay", "chalbar". They liked to wear fur coats - Ichik. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will find out that, they liked to get fur of wild animals as wolf, fox and lynx. As for men's shoes, there were ankle boots such as Chokoy and Charyk and traditional hats: tebetey, kalpak as well as malakai.

Speaking of female outfits, it consisted of underwear and outerwear. During your tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will see beautiful a swing skirt - "beldemchi". It is noticeable in men's clothing as well, but decorated with metal plates.

Tours in Kyrgyzstan will be continued by seeing girl's outfit. There are wonderful hats which are decorated with feathers of birds, silver, pearls, corals and etc. It is important to note that, they liked to wear over the dress-shirt a short or long sleeveless jacket called "chyptama" and "Ichik".