Kyrgyzstan is another world - the world of NOMADS! They have completely another mentality and traditions and that is why they attract so many tourists and travelers every year. Kyrgyz people lived in mountains for more than 2 000 years and they got their own way of life.


We want to help you to find out more about them. Here you can read about the most incredible facts concerning nomads in Kyrgyzstan:

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Kyrgyzstan is an exhilarating place to spend your vacation. The diversity of the landlocked,

mountainous country is the essence of Kyrgyzstan and gives the country its unique identity.

Along with its attractiveness as one of Asia's main tourist destination, it is best known for its

mountains, horses, felt carpets and fermented milk.

Kyrgyzstan Travel - Geography

Kyrgyzstan takes up an area of 198,500 square kilometers and is home to 5.2 million people.

More than 93 percent of the country is mountainous and a quarter of it is covered with forests.

Our country boasts breathtaking mountains, picturesque lakes and charming cities and towns that

are full of culture and history. Kyrgyzstan is landlocked and situated on the crossroads

of the Great Silk Road.


Kyrgyzstan: Flora and Fauna

With over 80 species of mammals, 330 species of birds, 50 species of fish and about 30 of reptiles and

amphibians, Kyrgyzstan has a rich and diverse wildlife.

Examples include: snow leopards, mountain goats, badgers, bears, camels, eagles, foxes, gophers,

gulls, hawks, horses, lynxes, marmots, martens, porcupines, raven, sheep, Turkmen rats, wolves,

woodpeckers, yaks

Kyrgyzstan - People

Our people are famous for their great hospitality. Kyrgyz say, that all guest are sent from God.

That is way they are so kind with foreigners. They are always interested in your family, country and

places where you have been. When you come even to a remote yurt in the mountains they will always

treat you with food and drinks. Also Kyrgyz saved all their traditions and their unique nomadic culture.

There is a lot of virgin nature and in general people are careful with it with many efforts being

undertaken to protecting the environment. As a result, you will enjoy our nature that is as

 untouched as many centuries ago.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek. Bishkek city became capital in 1978 year. Although Bishkek is

just 130 years old - it is one of the greenest cities in Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan got its independence on August 31, 1991 and the Kyrgyz celebrate

this 31 of August as their Independence Day.